Month: August 2018

  • Tips For Better Landscaping At Little To No Cost

    Landscaping can seem like a big word, and might imply costly transformations for your backyard at first glance, but the truth is that it is not, by any means, anything like that. Landscaping is merely the art of beautifying your natural surroundings by taking care of plants and other things present outdoors – you can spend a fortune on this job, or you can merely patch up a few things by yourself and it still would be categorized as landscaping. What is common, regardless of the price you spend on landscaping, is that doing so can visibly improve the aesthetic appeal of your garden or backyard, so it is definitely recommended. Here are some very inexpensive tricks and tips to enhance your garden area: 

    Disguising unsightly objects and appliances – as any landscape architect would say, start by removing any and all unsightly presences in your garden. This can be the external component of your A/C unit, or it can be the hose that you always forget to roll up and leave in a heap. By making sure every unsightly thing is smartly camouflaged or hidden away from plain sight, you can significantly increase the appeal of your garden. You can do this by caging these appliances and objects in small wooden enclosures, or you can organize them all in a new shed (if they are moveable and storable, that is).

    • Flower beds as borders – another good tip that most landscape designers Sydney follow is making use of flower beds as borders. Usually, the very corners of a garden tend to not have much in the way of human traffic, and unwanted trash can easily accumulate – not to add, weeds and the like can easily take over the corners of your garden. A good way to keep them aesthetically pleasing is to make flower beds all along the ends of your garden. Not only this ensures regular maintenance of these areas, but it also brings in much-need vibrancy to them.
      • Pathways – another brilliant way of beautifying your garden is adding a pathway. This can be to join two separate areas of your garden together, or in the case of a larger garden, it can be to merely create a path to walk on. You can make use of stepping stones, wood, gravel or just about any similar material – the pathway needs to stand out from among the greenery of the grass.
        • Make islands – islands are also a common landscaping technique. If you have a particularly large garden, these can make for very attractive additions to your garden (conversely, they might appear as a bit too cramped in a smaller backyard). When making islands, consider the size of your garden – keep it small and with short plants and bushes if the total area is small, and opt for a number of larger trees if you have more space.