A Principal’s Guide To School Security

A school is a sacred place of learning – it hosts many of tomorrow’s young leaders and the future of human thinking and intelligence all at once, five days a week (sometimes, more) and therefore must be fortified with the highest possible security measures in order to keep the youth safe. Being a principal or superintendent of a school means that you know how high the stakes are – but if you are at a loss with regard to how you can take steps to make your school building or buildings safe for your students, given below are a few things you should pay attention to.

Personnel Clearance

The easiest way to keep a check on your personnel is to issue identification cards with a special detectable barcode on them, unique to each card and person, that they must swipe upon entrance. Another way to do this is to install a fingerprint registration system that requires staff to simply place their fingerprint on the scanner while the machine records the person’s identity, time of entry and upon departure, time of exit.

Physical Protection

To keep spies out and to keep curious students from poking their heads out as well, it is recommended that you install good blinds in classroom windows and doors as well. This relatively inexpensive tool can be used very effectively, and the maintenance cost is next to nothing. These are primarily wood based or stainless steel; therefore they only require routine cleaning and cannot easily be broken or manipulated. These are a good investment to make for the safety of your students.

The Important Rooms

At your institution there obviously will exist important rooms where the principal’s office is located, where the funds are allocated, where school records are maintained, that need extra protection. For this, prowler proof screens are the most suitable option. They are easy to maintain and instead of screws and bolts, are welded in order to provide maximum protection from outside intervention. Due to the lack of screws, they look really good as well and will definitely class up the place. These can be installed at competitive prices by security companies near you – you only need to make a few calls and set it up. Visit this linkhttps://www.securityscreensandblinds.com/security-screens-doors-blinds/security-screens-doors/ for more info on prowler proof screens Brisbane,

Overall Protection

Overall, it is best that you install an alarm and security system to be activated at night. In addition to the physical presence of overnight security guards, these will work wonders to reduce your worry and alert the authorities if security has been breached.

Your students are the best people your country and our world has to offer – they deserve the best measures of protection money can offer, and it is up to you to provide them with these.

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