Ideas To Add A Stylish Look To Your Bathroom

A bathroom is considered as a space where a person goes to not only clean themselves but also to relax. After a hard days of work there is nothing more relaxing than a bubble bath with a glass of wine and some good music. Thereby, it is important to make this space look more relaxing and elegant. It will definitely brighten up your day as the bathroom is the first thing you step into early in the morning and the last thing your step out of at the night. To help you our, we have some great ideas.

Bath area

Generally, people tend to have a bath tub but why not got for a bath tub as well as a shower. If your bathroom has plenty of space, add these two and separate them using black framed shower screens. That way whenever you are in a hurry, you can have a quick wash in the shower and when you are in need of some relaxation you can enjoy your time in the tub. Be concerned about the design as well. If you want a more natural look you can go for a bath tub made out of cement. When it comes to showers, rain showers tend to be more trending. It is much more relaxing and calm.

Shower cubicle

If you are not a big fan of tubs, you can simply go with the shower. Make a small cubicle using frameless shower screens in Melbourne, this will make your bathroom look bigger than it is.


There are many ways that you can design the wall. If you want to keep it as simple as possible with a natural look you can use cement. Or else to give it a more stylish look you can go for some rocks or tiles. You can select whatever the color you prefer in the tone you like.


Rather than going for the usual cabinets why not use floating shelves to store your essential products. It will give your bathroom more space. You can even get shelves which are carved to the wall. That is something that people opt for due to its simplicity and the vast amount of space your bathroom gets. It is also very convenient as there is a very small change of these shelves getting damages.

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